Cafe Zupas World Tour Massachusetts Butternut Squash

24 Nov Holiday Flavors

This time of year makes us all sorts of nostalgic for the things we loved about our childhood. The sights and the smells and the sounds. And the tastes – oh the tastes! All senses are engaged when the holidays roll around, but there’s just something about the foods we eat that transport us right back to simpler times. The...

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Cafe Zupas World Tour - Swiss Onion

12 Nov Cafe Zupas World Tour: Swiss Onion

On the green mountains of the Swiss Alps are some very happy cows, swinging their heads back and forth, ringing the bells round their necks. These cows make some of the most delicious dairy in the world, and that dairy inspired one of our favorite World Tour soups: Swiss Onion. While its cousin French Onion employs a heavy taste in a...

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30 Oct Nature’s Sweetest Healer

We went on a search for the best honey we could find, and we learned a lot about what sets unpasteurized, raw honey apart from all the rest. Most honey you find on a grocery store shelf is overheated and filtered, eliminating many of the health benefits associated with it. You probably love how a little bit of honey makes...

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27 Oct Not Your Average Pumpkin Spice

We get it. There’s a lot of pumpkin flavored everything happening right now, but trust us when we say the next stop on the Café Zupas World Tour is one you’ve got to try. And it’s going to blow all of the other pumpkin spice out of the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin, meet the real spice, chorizo. Mexican cuisine utilizes an awful...

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Cafe Zupas and Cox's Honey

21 Oct The Tastes of Honey

Head Chef Ethan Kawasaki has been a busy bee these days. He’s traveled across mountains and valleys and deserts to get to the magical, mystical land of Shelley, Idaho. Well, maybe it’s not actually that mystical of a place, but therein lives a pretty magical substance: the most wonderful honey you’ll ever taste. Ethan had the arduous task of tasting different...

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16 Oct Mulligatawny

Mulligatawny is one of those perfect East meets West dishes that blends the right amount of exotic with familiar. It grew in popularity during the late 18th century in British occupied India, where a local rice and curry dish was transformed into a soup. The name originates from the words Melligu and Thani, which translate to pepper-water. That description couldn’t...

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08 Oct Cox’s Honey: Video Story

We’ve gone through some serious research and development to find the right honey for us, and Cox’s High Mountain Clover Honey was the clear winner. It’s not overheated or filtered, but is simply screened. This screening process maintains the superior flavor, and it protects the pollens, minerals, vitamins, and live enzymes that are otherwise lost to high heat and filtering processes. It might seem...

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02 Oct All About Honey

There’s really no other way to put this: at Café Zupas we are completely obsessed with the ingredients we use. We want every single menu item you eat to be fresh and made with the very best quality we can find. If we’re serious about making food that you’ll fall in love with, then we know it needs to start...

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House-made fresh, World Tour

28 Sep Inca Inspired

October is almost here and even though some parts of the United States still feel like summer (looking at you, Mountain West), this means Fall and colorful leaves and an overabundance of porch pumpkins. And in our kitchen, this means chili. The next stop on the Café Zupas World Tour is the Peruvian White Bean and Chicken Chili, and it’s...

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Bangkok Coconut Chicken Soup

23 Sep Sum rap Thai (the way Thais eat)

For some of us, remembering when we tried Thai food for the first time feels a little bit like dreaming. We remember that we were eating it, and that we enjoyed it, and maybe were even bummed that it ended, but we probably don’t really remember exactly how it began. All we know is the way the coconut and ginger...

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